Working Alongside the Commonwealth Games 2022

Are you interested in what goes on behind the scenes of our media planning and buying? Find out more about what went into the planning around transport changes in Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games 2022. See below our approach to overcome the challenge, produce the strategy and execute the final plan.

The Challenge

Birmingham played host to the Commonwealth Games this summer, with 283 medal events across 19 sports and thousands of spectators flocking to the region. Transport for West Midlands needed to prepare for the influx of excited fans from around the world.

In January, TfWM approached BBJ&K with an initial brief, outlining the core campaign objective: to change the behaviour of people who live and work in the West Midlands, as well as inform those who may be visiting for the games on how all aspects of transport would be changing across the region.

The Solution

After aligning the campaign parameters, BBJ&K began to strategise and construct a robust media proposal. Our overarching strategy was created to follow a staggered approach, phasing the campaign to deliver a highly targeted campaign. Using this approach, we drilled down into each media channel, blending a multitude of touchpoints across channels including Out of Home (OOH), Radio, Press, TV, Video on Demand (VOD), digital and print.

The Results

We created a dynamic campaign using a mixture of digital and traditional channels. For example, using Out of Home to combine flexible digital formats with static sites in and around transport hubs across the region.

To compliment the Out of Home and reach a traveling audience,  traditional airtime was bought across well loved brands such as Heart and Free Radio in addition to community stations such as Amber FM. This combination, with the inclusion of partnership activity gave our audience multiple opportunities to engage with the messaging and take action by planning their journeys ahead.


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