Digital Audio

Digital Audio

The time people spend on audio streaming platforms has been increasing each year since 2019, with it now being up to 19 hours a week on average. With the exciting developments in the world of Audio, it is now easier than ever to tap into this channel and seamlessly grab the attention of your audience and take advantage of this media outlet giant.

With digital listening and smart devices now more accessible than ever, reaching consumers with an impactful message boasts impressive capabilities of captivating an audience, increasing brand awareness, and driving traffic to your site.

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Whether it's tapping into your audience's lives in real-time by taking over podcasts on platforms such as Acast and Spotify, or the use of targeted personalised ads, digital audio is an evolving channel that we can harness to create dynamic messaging that leaves a lasting impression.

Why Should I Consider Digital Audio Advertising?

Digital Audio advertising can be one of the most immersive and engaging ways to reach a bespoke target audience, as it is often already incredibly personal. Whether you consider a personalised playlist or hand-picked podcast, the audience here has made the active decision to listen to this particular thing and therefore their engagement and interest is at peak.

Indeed, the NPR 2022 Smart Audio Report discovered that 53% of smart speaker owners who have heard an advert on their device are more likely to respond to ads on the speaker. With Statista estimating that by 2025 there will be more than 400 million households worldwide using smart home products, like speakers, this is a significant potential market reach.

With the reduced distractions of a screen for many digital audio outlets, this also helps to boost engagement with your campaign as the target user has more attention to devote to response. 

By taking a smart and researched approach to the selection of your digital media advertising outlets, through the identification of your audience and understanding where and when they are most likely to respond positively to your campaign, we can actively target the right people at the right time to grab their attention and turn them into customers.

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