Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Direct mail is an evolving media channel that is as effective as ever, with programmatic planning and buying methods allowing campaigns to be done tactically, creatively and precisely to minimise wastage.

With years of experience within direct mail, we know how to open the door to your customers with a plan that puts your offer on the table, instead of seeing it be pushed under the mat. With enticing messaging, bold creative and precise audience targeting, a well-timed campaign can gain new customers, retain existing ones, and inspire further engagement.

From direct mail to door drops and parcel inserts, our team will pick the right mailing format for you to reach either mass audiences or specific groups.

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With our forged relationships and past credentials, we know how to pull the right strings to get the best results for your direct mail campaigns.

Why Should I Consider Direct Mail Advertising?

Direct mail advertising still has a place when it comes to reaching your target customer with a bespoke campaign message, with multiple opportunities to make use of this original marketing channel. A physical letter, leaflet, brochure etc can be a tangible option which cuts through the digital noise, something which is difficult to ignore or miss because there is something physical to interact with.

This is particularly true for younger generations, with a USPS study suggesting that 72% of ‘Gen Z’ look forward to receiving post and 38% of these recipients actually visiting a website after receiving relevant mail. The ‘millennial’ demographic are advocates for direct mail too, with the majority in the survey responding that it felt more secure than digital communications. 

Considering the number of emails or digital adverts served to a consumer versus the number of pieces of direct mail received, it is clear that here too is an advantage of this platform with competition much more limited. 

By understanding your target audience, we are able to support you by identifying the most appropriate mailing format to reach your targets as well as implementing a strategic approach to how we define the targeting to maximise impact. It is clear therefore that, with a smart approach, direct mail can really deliver.

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