Meet Jordan, our Digital Account Manager. Jordan has a lot of love for Cooking, Asana and Liverpool FC. He’s a detail-oriented Paid Social expert who’s committed to delivering exceptional results for our clients. Learn more about him this week in our third “Meet the Team” blog!

Give us a quick intro to who you are…

Alright, I’m Jordan. Digital Account Manager. JQ resident. East Midlands born. Liverpool fan.

How did you come to work at BBJ&K?

After a few years working in-house at a property investment company, I wanted to give agency life another bash. BBJ&K were happy to give me that opportunity.

Describe your job in 3 words…

Near my flat.

What’s something that’s surprised you about working at BBJ&K?

The extent of the generous perks: half-day Fridays, the company conference in Mallorca and charity football tournaments weren’t even mentioned before I decided to join.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Cooking (at every opportunity), watching/playing football, eating out, go for runs, eating in, watching films, watching cookery shows, seeing friends, going to pubs.

What are you putting into Room 101?

Rogue bits of seaweed that knock about on the top of the sea.

What’s your favourite ad campaign?

There’s a 2014 Doritos ad called ‘Finger Cleaner’ that has lived long in my memory. Watch it. You’ll get why.

Who on the team would you most like to swap places with for the day?

Dan’s got a pretty good life for a 20 year old, so him.

What’s one website you couldn’t do your job without?

Asana, Asana, a hundredtimes Asana.

How do you describe what you do for a living to your family and friends?

In short: we help brands ping their ads out to where their audience actually is.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Changing the calories of all foods to whatever I want.